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From January, 2018: I purchased my beloved Victor III Talking Machine from you a few years ago and I must tell you that it continues to bring me as much joy as it did the first day I unpacked and played it. Many thanks, Natalie, AU.

Hi Tim, I just wanted to say thank you again for providing such a great service and product. The instructions you provided were fantastic and made it very easy to get everything up and running. I gave the phonograph to my sister as a wedding gift late last week and she absolutely loved it- she was so happy she cried! Also thank you for providing the needles and records- the sound is truly amazing. -- J.T., Australia

Tim. The graphaphone just arrived. I can't tell you how much in love with it I am. It arrived perfect, looks perfect and the sound is just remarkable. I will treasure it my entire lifetime. Thank you so much for all of your help with it... Again thank you so much for preserving history so beautifully so the rest of us can enjoy it. I am just happy beyond belief. --  M.W., KS

Hello Tim, Well, you've done it again! My 'new' Victrola VIII showed up right on time, meticulously packed and looking exactly like the photographs on your website. I couldn't wait to get it set up, 'cranking' out the tunes. Frankly I was amazed at the sound quality! For years I've been playing 78's on a modern turntable and sound system (which sounds great, of course) but my memory had mislaid the captivating vintage sounds that a newly refurbished reproducer and new needles can make. Modern digital recordings are technically perfect of course, but they can't match listening to the old music, heard through the veil of surface noise, bringing alive the artists and music of a bye-gone age. It's like pulling back the curtain and walking down into the parlor once more. You can look at an old photograph of someone, but if you can hear their voice, they're alive again.  M.H., WA

  I have been in customer service and corporate accounts for 30 years. It is truly a honor to say Phonophan is the best company I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. It's more then a purchase as feeling if you are part of a great family. The staff is comprised of some of the nicest people in the world. The products are amazing and I have purchased 3 so far... My 1898 edison machine is a 112 YEARS OLD AND PLAYS AS IF IT WAS MADE YESTERDAY... It would not be fair if I also did not take the time to mention  the wonderful selection of [Fabrizio's] books that are signed by the author. It truly makes a wonderful gift... The packing and care is proof of the company you are dealing with.  C.N., NY

My beautiful machine and the records you sent arrived today in perfect condition.  I am completely overwhelmed by the music, charm and nostalgia instantly added to my 100 year old home.  Call me crazy, but I think the house recognized the's lathe and plaster a perfect acoustic for these recorded sounds.  The album of records you enclosed is beautiful all by itself; I have played each one, both sides, more than once.  The album and records were much more than I expected.  Thank you Mr Fabrizio for this warm addition to my little house on the prairie!!!  R.M., MN

Hello, Timothy. Just a note to rave about my Victor, the Third and your wonderful service. I played records for about five hours before dropping from exhaustion and lack of sleep the night before. Thanks, also, for including the book. I am completely thrilled by the sound of this instrument and you can count me as a satisfied customer for sure. Many thanks, again, for all of your care and expertise. You will be hearing from me again for accessories and more books. F.G., NY

Hi Tim, My Reproducers arrived today safe and sound. I can see why you have such complimentary comments from your customers, I found your help and service superb in all aspects. Your helpful hint on the Eagle carriage has worked and all my machines now sound excellent with their new Reproducers. I can highly recommend you to any one and look forward to further business with you. Best Regards.....    P. H.,   AU

Hey Tim,The Victrola that I just purchased for a birthday present was a huge hit.  First of all, you and your team did a great job restoring the old girl, and she sounds wonderful.  Second, the records you chose as part of the purchase were absolutely perfect.  In thinking about the sounds and types of music to come out of the “Roaring Twenties” , I could not image a better representation of music from that time period.  Third and most importantly, everyone, and I mean everyone who was present when I unpacked the Victrola had a big smile when the music started and literally danced and laughed the night away.  My two young daughters could not get enough, and we played records until way past their bed time.  It is amazing to think about how we have become so dependent upon iPods, and HD tv, and yet to be so entertained by something from a long ago bygone era.  It was truly magic.  She is perfect.  Thank you. C.B., IN

You can pack for me anytime. What a joy to unwrap . . . and unwrap this beautiful Fireside machine and cygnet horn. I am completely satisfied with the condition, the sound (wow), your professional manner, etc., etc. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to add to their collection (like me) or start a collection. Thanks so much.  R.S., PA 

Dear Sirs, I placed an order for phonograph parts on 10th January and the items were delivered here in England on the 17th!  I could not have wished for a better service.  Many thanks. O.M., UK 

Just wanted to let you know that the phonograph was rec'd a few hours ago. Its as wonderful as you said, and I'm super happy. Plays records 100x better then the local antique shop for sure! Well packaged, and as described. I'm shocked how loud it is! I'm very glad I didn't waste more time at the antique store. They tried to sell me a unit that wobbled badly and pretended it was in mint condition! Thank you again.....Can I order (3) hundered soft needles now, as Ive been buying records like crazy! lol  -- M.K.  OR

Dear Tim, hello! Finally, the long story with phonograph is ended… Yesterday I presented the device to my friend for his birthday. He was so glad to get it. We run the melody exact during celebration night. It was really fun! The condition of device is appreciated very much by my friend. So, we can conclude that we made very good deal with you. Thank you very much for that!!! I wish you good luck in all you businesses!   A.T., Moscow, Russia

A wonderful package arrived at my door yesterday!...I just love it! Your packing job was great...not a ding, dent, scratch or broken
part!  The Victor I is everything (and more) that I hoped it would be!  Thanks for sending along those 78's and extra needles.  I have
already enjoyed the sound of the machine!  And you were right...the sound is great! Tim, again thank you so much!  I know I will truly treasure the
Victor I as a keepsake for many years to come.     L.K., NM

Tim, I received my Monarch yesterday. You were absolutely right...what a beautiful old piece of history and a wonderful sound that emits from that grand old machine. It was packed beautifully, and the instructions of assembly even I could understand. I thank you for bringing some joy and history into our house. Kindest regards, Bill.

I just wanted to thank you. You were extremely helpful in answering all my questions and I felt very confident in ordering with you. The 1910 COLUMBIA GRAPHOPHONE that I purchased is beautiful and works wonderful. I'm absolutley thrilled to own such a beautiful machine. 
I'm happy that I found your website and will pass this on to friends and family. Thank you once again. From a very happy customer. L.D., NJ

You can rest assured knowing that I consider this phonograph to be one of my prized possessions, and will lovingly show it to MANY people.  I truly feel like this wonderful toy has been transported through a time machine into my home, and through your incredible restoration process, it works as perfectly as the day it was shipped out of Edison's Factory!  D.S., NJ

Just a note to say thank you so very much. The Royal Talking Machine arrived yesterday eve. What a beautiful machine..!! ...due to your superb packing...not even a single scratch or flaw. The ol girl is quite sexy, and sings like a songbird. She will bring smiles to our family for many years to come. Thank you again and may the winds of Heaven gather 'round you and yours this holiday season.. J.S., AR

Thank you so much for our gorgeous phonograph. Just unpacking it was a treat! We absolutely love it, it works like it was new and it is a beautiful piece in our home. Also thank you for being so readily available for our questions both before and after the sale.  We hope to add a second to our collection in the future! Thank you again.  M. & B. I., MA              

After a very hectic week I was finally able to unpack the Edison Chalet this morning. Thanks to your careful packing it made the transport in perfect condition.  I’m thrilled with the phonograph – my first Edison . You and your staff of restoration experts are to be commended for an incredible job. The Chalet is beautiful and will stand proudly next to my other Phonophan acquisitions (The Pathe No. 8 and the Vic V.) As always, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.  You’ll be hearing from me again. With highest regards,  D.C., FL

I  received my Victor II  in extremely good shape. The restoration and packing of the machine more than exceeded my expectations. I've never seen anything restored or packed for shipping so well."   - P.M., PA

I'm delighted! Thrilled! The Fireside arrived yesterday. The restoration is beautiful. I was so impressed that the horn isn't shiney, bright - spray paint-looking . It's the perfect finish.  It's so professionally done. The packing was fabulous. You were right when you said there was no way the machine could be damaged. Everything was in tiptop shape. The machine works great and I'm absolutely delighted.   A.B., IA

I've looked at many websites regarding antique phonographs and this is by far the best one I've seen.  I've purchased three phonographs from this site and have been impressed with every single one.  The prices are the also the best I've seen.  Mr. Fabrizio sells excellent antique phonographs at very affordable prices.  I will continue to look at his website and purchase additional phonographs in the future. R.R.,  MA
Must say you are quite the phono shipper and restorer! To say I’m pleased would be an understatement. Thrilled is more apropos! BIG THANKS!...A pleasure doing business with you again!  -D.R., FL

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my Victor V. A short while ago a neighbor stopped by and the first thing noticed was the Victor. As described, it's a big and imposing machine which never fails to bring a smile to all who have heard and seen it. Great job on the machine and to be frank, I have never seen anything shipped with such care. J.D.,  FL

Thanks for everything once again.  I gave the 1912 Columbia [Type BWT] on Christmas and it was far better than I could've ever imagined.  The result was definately good.  There was actually tears of happiness shed on hers and my part.  It was certainly a major part of a Christmas I will never forget.  Thanks again!  M.L.

What a great machine.  Thanks, for the accurate representation, packing of the machine was excellent, and the instructions for care and operation were well written. Thanks, for the 2 beginning records. We are already enjoying the machine and will show it at some music events.  R.E., CA

I have about a dozen Edison cylinder machines but the one I play primarily is the Amberola 30 I bought from you about five years ago -- it works and sounds great!  J.S.,  MI

I bought one of your wooden horn Victor machines for my husband in December 2003.  He tells me at least once a week it is his favorite gift EVER!   M.G., OK

Well you did it again, the package made it on time & did not get damaged one bit. I tried it out it works perfect. I been wanting a coin slot for a while now. Thanks so much for such a clean example of one. It is always a pleasure to do business with you. I'll say one thing you can always go in the shipping business since you do such a great job packing such delicate merchandise.  J.C., NY

Your beautiful Pathe phonograph arrived this evening.  It was rather simple to assemble and makes a loud, joyful sound.  Please let me know what other Pathe records you have.  S.M., FL

Thank you for the advice.  Also I would like to say how pleased I am with your products, prices, prompt attention to emails, and delivery times.  I was fighting with [name of well-known phonograph parts supplier eliminated to protect the guilty] all the way on all counts, and will look to you for future business as required. W.J., CA

We are thoroughly enjoying the Victor V phonograph you so kindly shipped us last week. It was indeed delivered Friday in time for our party on Saturday which found much of the crowd surrounding this beautiful piece of musical art. Our two year old son (Ben) each morning asks for it to be played and stares at it with the most intrigued look trying to figure out how music comes out of the horn... ahh what goes thru children's little heads... K.K., IL

Thanks for the "Fireside" reproducer carriage, it arrived this morning. People like yourself who are dedicated to finding these rare items are invaluable to phonograph collectors - your hard work is appreciated. R.A., England

[This is Ernie. He lives in Australia . A friend purchased an Edison Phonograph from phonophan on his behalf. Below, you can see what the friend had to say about the transaction:]

Ernie...A very happy man. He has wanted one of these since he was a kid when he saw one that his uncle owned. The phonograph arrived safe and sound. Thank you for packing it so well. I  must admit that its a beautiful machine... Thanks for all your help  M. J., Australia

I have received the Edison 30 I ordered and I couldn't be any happier! It arrived in fantastic condition and the records you chose for me were exceptionally good! I am VERY pleased and you can be sure that you'll be hearing from me in the future for other orders.  Why didn't I find YOU first??? I sat here for more than two weeks waiting for an order through a popular on-line auction which I ended up cancelling because of non-delivery and less than a week after my order with you I am playing Amberols!! K.H., IL

It [Edison Standard Model D] is awesome, dude!  I can't thank you enough for the magnificent restoration. The case is fabulous, the works quiet and fully functional, the reproducers loud and clear, and the condition of the enamel on the bedplate is astonishing. The recorder, in an original box, no less, portends much creative amusement. Life is full of buying and selling. You, sir, are selling something very special in a very special way. This in itself, quite apart from the delight in the talking machines, is a very effective restoration of faith in human interaction. K.B, IL

This is to let you know that the package has arrived safely. I have assembled the phonograph according to your instructions... and it is working fine. Anyway, it's a beauty... Thank you for the care you took in packing and the detailed assembly instructions. W.M., Japan

The crank arrived and it works perfectly!  Thanks so much for your help; you have helped make our holidays happier! D.B.T., CA

This afternoon, I'd received the phono and the records in my domicile. It's really a fantastic machine, better than you describe. The package was excellent, and the sent was really fast. I only can say thank you for all, and, if I need to buy any other phono for my collection, without dubte, I'll
buy it to you. A.G.C., Barcelona , Spain

I received the Edison phonograph earlier this week. It arrived safe and sound. Good job on the packing.  It looks and works great!  I am very happy with the purchase and I may very well contact you again for another phonograph in the near future. M.G., NH

The phonograph arrived the Friday after you mailed it.  From what I hear, Ed was entertaining the 3 and 4 year old niece and nephew for quite a while with the machine.  Hopefully they will be a new generation of people who appreciate the "good music".  :)  Thank you again for your assistance! L.Z., MT     

I wanted to let you know the Victor V arrived on Thursday of last week.  It is excellent in every way and transports you back to 1908.  Our family has enjoyed listening to the old 78s.  I appreciate the masterful restoration work and your efforts to keep it original.  I'll be ordering additional needles soon! Thanks again. A.C., KS

Wanted to let you know the Graphophone arrived safely today. It truly is extraordinary! Thanks so much. E.M., CA

Just wanted to send you an email thanking you for the wonderful phonograph (Junior Monarch). It is my favorite phonograph in my collection. I will be checking your web site often for my next purchase.
Thanks. S.E., NJ

I must say I was impressed with EVERYTHING.  You even made the setup easier with the manner in which you packed everything! I'm so very proud to finally have a 'high-end' Victor on display in my home! Many thanks again.  J.B., WV

I just got the [Edison Standard Model] D yesterday - finally got it all unpacked, and gave it a good playing today - couldn't be happier. It does indeed play very well. Also, thank you for the excellent packing job you did - I learned some new "tips" on packing while unpacking these. Thanks also for the speedy shipment. Thank you, thank you, thank you..... M.B., MI

I'm pleased with the Monarch.  It is in great shape.  The horn is in better shape than you led me to believe.  It's a good original machine in good condition. G.D, CA

I love this machine, just what I was looking for, really beautiful. Again, I am so pleased, what a treasure, Thank you again.  You're da best. J.S., MI


I received the Mermaid Puck today and was astonished. The machine exceeded my expectations with its looks and playing volume. Thank you very much! C.F, CA

I waited until today (it's my birthday) to open my machine. I am so delighted!  It is beautiful.  Everything is exactly as you described. You have been fabulous to work with.  I'll be back. D.Z. ID

My friend called from New York this evening: he is absolutely ecstatic over the Monarch gramophone you sent: literally in tears at the beauty of its sound.  I am writing to thank you for your incredibly prompt delivery,  for your obviously expert care of your products, and your courteous manner with customers.  I couldn't be more grateful. E.G., PA

You can have the utmost confidence in dealing with Tim Fabrizio [phonophan]. His attention to detail is meticulous. His customer satisfaction is the best and will go the extra mile.... He is the best of the best." HPK Bremerton , WA .

Do you know how much FUN it is to unpack a phono that I purchased from you...?...  The 3 machines that you recently sent me were BETTER THAN DESCRIBED, PLAYED PERFECTLY AND WERE IN MINT CONDITION...  E.M. NJ

The Columbia BI arrived last Thursday. It is truly fantastic! My wife and I love it. Packing was top notch. We were a little nervous about ordering something sight unseen of this value. Thanks for making us believers. J.Y., NC

The Sonora crank arrived the other day and... It's perfect!! Again, sincere thanks for working with me to figure out which crank was right. Your patience and efforts are very much appreciated!!! B.S., CT

I just wanted to thank you for the great service and delivery on the Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph Winding Crank I ordered from you recently.  It's exactly what I needed, and my Edison looks great.  I bought the machine about ten years ago, and a previous owner had installed a "makeshift" crank that worked, but looked absolutely atrocious.  I'm so glad to have found your website, and I'm sure over time I'll be ordering from you again and again. Thanks so much!   C.W.

I'm the fellow who purchased the 1903 Edison Standard Player from you a while back. It arrived some time ago, and I've been tardy in writing this after delivery note, but as with the other entries in your customer comments section, I should add to the list of folks who successfully received a quality product in perfect working condition. The packing of this antique was quite detailed; a box within a box and packing material everywhere else! The other, smaller items I ordered also arrived in fine shape. In the end, I'd have to say that this is the best hobby going! C.K., Canada

Hi! I just got my machine (graphaphone type B) and I absolutely love it!! My neighbor had never seen one and he couldn't believe the technology in how it's made. He and my husband were down next to it trying to figure out how the gears worked  and all. I just love the sound of the music and the beauty of the machine itself.    Thanks again!!! K.R., MS

Just wanted to thank you for your meticulous professionalism (not to mention plain neighborly care) in handling the sale and shipping of the machine... All the best... R.B, NC

I love the Pathephone #2!  It is a wonder.  I can't believe such a little machine can pack such a punch!  The motor is incredibly smooth and strong.  The horn is simply magical and matches the overall dimensions of the cabinet perfectly... The sound reproduction - so fantastic.  It's just a treasure! M.W., WA

I received the part from your company today and just wanted to say thanks for your assistance and prompt delivery. The Victrola works and sounds great! My only regret is that I only purchased 100 needles.  I'm sure I'll be needing more soon. Thanks Again... J.H., MO

The Victor arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I can see it is all in the way it is packed. Thanks much... R.S., WI

Received the Victrola in excellent condition this morning. My coworkers were absolutely blown away. Thank you so much for the records. My girlfriend and I are taking a break from fox-trotting around the living room as I'm writing this. Thanks again. R.M., MA

The Victor IV arrived yesterday in perfect condition. You did a VERY nice job on the restorations. I appreciate the great service I have received; I have done business with others on the net, but none have gone the "extra mile" as you have when it comes to service and customer satisfaction. Your service is truly the best I've ever experienced on the net and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. C.L., CA

You did a great job getting [the Victor] ready for shipment. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
I am so pleased with it, it is exactly what I wanted and then some... Funny how these old machines can provide so much joy. I was a bit nervous buying something like this off the internet, but now as I 
listen to it play so well, I couldn't be more delighted. Again, thank you so much. E.L., VA

Must drop a line to say: the gramophone arrived in good shape. I am really proud to own it, thanks for your good service!

The A250 arrived yesterday in perfect shape - what a work of art! You are truly a master of restoration! The machine plays beautifully, too. My wife was as much in awe as I was when she saw it. Thanks again.

I received the Victrola yesterday and I am very impressed and very, very pleased!! Thank you so much for selling me such a great phonograph. This is my first one, so it is special. You and Terra Firma made the experience an enjoyable and trustful one and I am most grateful. The packing was fantastic and I had it up and running in a few moments!

The Pathephone #8 arrived today and I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! In fact....I about flipped my wig! It is a knock out! I just sat and stared at it. That packing job was a work of art! 

I have thoroughly enjoyed your books on phonographs and have found your webpage to be a lifeline as well as an enticement. Being new to the avocation of collecting vintage phonographs and memorabilia (3yrs.)they have been a beacon for me, shedding new light on this fascinating subject. Thank you so much!

Just to let you know that everything arrived safe and sound. Thanks very much for the excellent packing job that you did! I put everything together and I am very happy with the machine. Thank you for a very excellent transaction, I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. I'm going to keep a close eye on your website for all the latest phonographs you have for sale. Thanks again!

The phonograph that I ordered... came in yesterday. I was so happy. It's bigger than I thought, and very easy to operate, and I did keep those instructions you sent me. I've always wanted one of these machines, and since I'm an antique collector this is the first time I ever got a working antique machine, and I wanted to thank you for doing business with you...

Gramophone arrived safely. My husband is delighted with it and said it was
the best 50th present he could have received. Thank you for everything - it was really well packed and no damage occurred. It plays really well. Thank you for the records also. (from a customer in England )

Just a note to let you know that the Pathe' arrived Friday in good shape. Your packing was excellent. I assembled it Saturday and played it for the first time and I am very pleased with it. 

Just wanted to let you know that that the 1-A arrived in A-1 condition. I
took my time unpacking and assembling it. I am thrilled with this machine.

The army phonograph arrived today. It is even more wonderful than I had hoped. Thank you so much.

Just thought you would like to know, phonograph works well, and the record selection that you made was great. I'll probably be ordering more records from you. My mother really likes the player.

When I get this kind of package its like when I was a kid at Christmas. Going to put it together soon and try it. It is very nice and we are very pleased with it.

I received the Standard Model A a few days ago and have been enjoying it immensely. As you likened talking machines to "time capsules" in one of your books, this machine, to me, brings to life that "vanished society" in all its glory. The meticulous packing was appreciated, as I now am convinced ...YOU ARE THE WORLD'S BEST PACKER.

I have been dealing with Tim Fabrizio for nearly 10 years. He is dedicated to helping budding collectors to expand their knowledge and interest in Antique phonographs. He sells the highest quality parts and outstanding service.

The Victrola portable No. 35 arrived (quickly) yesterday. As Anne Baxter said in "The Fighting Sullivans": "We think it's pretty wonderful, don't we, Al?" Reply: "You bet we do!" That's how we feel about this machine! Thanks for a safe packing!

Thanks so much for the information... I've had your Phonophan web site in my favorite places file for quite some time and visit it often. I think your web site is the best I've found regarding phonographs. I'm enjoying your latest two books. Great photos!!!.

You may recall I purchased an edison fireside from you a year or so ago. I remain most pleased with both your professionalism as well as the condition and care of the received phonograph. Thank you. Again, many thanks for making my first edison experience a most positive one.

I have been dealing with Tim for many years. I have bought more machines, records and artifacts than I can remember. There is no one who is more knowledgeable, honest, reliable, reasonable and fun to deal with than Tim Fabrizio. He is generous with his time and advice, almost to a fault. To Tim, machines are not "merchandise", they are works of art and so he treats them and his customers with the greatest of care and appreciation. Tim is the best in all respects!

After buying 2 machines from you I wouldn't hesitate to buy more. Your service, advice & prompt shipping are super! Not to mention the superb machines themselves.

My brother got the Edison cylinder phonograph, and he was thrilled! Says it's in great shape, has a terrific sound, and appreciates the instructions you included. Thanks very much!

I'm very pleased with the Columbia BI. It sure looks and sounds great!

Hi, I received the Victrola parts today. Thank you for your help. All the best.

Have had the machine you sold me for a couple of weeks now and have been happy with it. It's good to hear the old songs again. Amazingly, even my friends thought it was cool. I went through my records and found that I had over 200 of them. I got them all catalogued and still have to clean some of them up. I'm thinking of playing DJ for our seniors at our church when we have our senior Thanksgiving dinner. I know the church is always trying to find some way to entertain them with sing alongs and things. I think they'll get a kick out of hearing the old songs again.

I got the horn tonight and I couldn't be more pleased! It is just fabulous! It really looks great on the machine....... and I mean really great!!!!

Words can not describe how happy I am with the job you did on the Victrola XVIII!! Through your skill and expertise you have brought back to life a beautiful piece of furniture and a piece of musical history. Thanks again for continuing to assure me that there is still a purpose in collecting antique phonographs.

Records arrived yesterday. Wonderful condition! Thank you so much. They were better than I could have hoped for. I'd rate at E+. Thanks again.

Just a note to let you know the machine arrived yesterday. It really is a beautiful machine... all the pieces made it without a scratch. Thanks again!

Just wanted to let you know that I opened and operated the Victrola IV... It is a fun little machine... To me, it's more of a marvel than today's high tech digital wizardry.