Not only is the cabinet of the Victor D of imposing size, with spectacular gingerbread carving, the big brass horn is a knock-out!  

It's easy to see why this was the most expensive instrument in the Victor line -- gorgeous cabinetry. The cabinet has its ORIGINAL FACTORY FINISH in super condition. Note also the correct winding crank, which was specifically used on this machine.

Here you can see the extraordinary condition of the original finish. The dealer ID plate shows that this machine was sold  PRIOR to the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

Unique to the Victor D was this unusual speed control. It was not used on other models. Many times we find that this special component has been removed or modified  because people fail to understand how it works. The little pointer is set to the right hand position (marked "78 rpm") and the central knob is used to fine-tune the speed.

The motor was nickel-plated to show how important this instrument was. We carefully cleaned the powerful, triple-spring motor, and regulated it. Do you have 78 rpm records you want to listen to? The Victor D is the perfect instrument! It also sports a big, 12" turntable.

The support bracket, arm and elbow are spotlessly clean and bright -- original gold filigree in mind-bogglingly perfect condition. All hardware is clean and free of gunk, grime and corrosion. We have rebuilt the original Exhibition soundbox to produce crisp, clear, bright, bold music.

The original His Master's Voice decal on the horn.

Under the cabinet, this notice, in nearly perfect condition, announces the price -- $65.00. A big ticket item back in the day! Victor's most expensive regularly-offered instrument prior to the introduction of the Victor 6.

BIG, BRASH and BEAUTIFUL -- for those who will accept nothing but the best! NOBODY sweats the details like phonophan. We obsessed over every component. And we DON'T do what other dealers do -- rush the job and take shortcuts. Other dealers don't have the time and don't have the talent to do things right. This instrument is as spotless and clean as any you will ever see. We stress the imposing presence of this machine, it was then and is now a top-of-the-line instrument.

Price: $3350.00 US, plus s/h. (NY State residents must add sales tax, if applicable.)


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