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Buy with confidence -- here are unsolicited e-mails from recent customers: Hello Tim, Just to let you know I received the Edison Fireside player on Monday.... right on time. It's sure a beauty!  Just what I've been looking for.  It was so well packed that it took me half an hour to extricate all the bits and pieces and get it set up.  First cylinder I played was "Yankee Doodle Dandy"  by Billy Murray.   Just think, after nearly a hundred years brought back to life on the original player!  Can't help but muse on the miracle it must have been at the turn of the last century. Believe it or not, the power went out here the next day for about 4 hours, so I spent the afternoon in front of the fire, with the Edison Fireside bringing back the old music.  -- M.H., WA

Tim, We received the “Victor E” and it was a huge hit. The kids, my husband and I just loved it. I am not used to buying something so expensive unseen but it was a wonderful experience. My kids are 16 and 12 and into today’s world, when there is free time and computer games are waiting and TV show pre-recorded and ready to watch, it was a wonderful experience to sit as a family and listen to records their great grandmother had collected. Many thanks for your guidance.  Warm regards, S.H., CA


The talking machine industry produced a plethora of beautiful horns in a wide variety of designs to fit both disc and cylinder talking machines. This particular "optional" horn for a Victor has been restored to its original appearance. What do you do when nothing remains of the original decoration? At phonophan, we roll up our sleeves and painstakingly recreate it! Click the image of the Victor II (Two) above and see more pictures, get details and price.


This charming and tuneful Victor III is an icon which delivers the look and sound of the early 1900s. It is as smooth and sleek as spotless as new! Don't you need a little Old School glamour in your home? Click the image of the Victor III (Three) above and see more pictures, get details and price.



Gorgeous is the only way to describe this charming denizen of the good old days. Find out why this delightful Victor E is the perfect gift for anyone --- even yourself! Click the image of the Victor E above to see more pictures, get info and price.




We are privileged to offer one of the finest instruments that Victor made -- the Victor V. Not only is it a high-end instrument, the condition is mind-bogglingly superb. A machine that is this amazingly well-preserved comes along once in a blue moon. Make it yours! Click on the image of the Victor V above to see more pictures, learn all about it and find out the price.



This Gem Phonograph is your gateway to the pleasures of the past. Want to know what it was like to feel the direct and unalloyed excitement of a mechanical instrument that talked and sang? HERE IT IS! Click the image of the Gem above and see more pictures, get details and price.



Have you been wanting a genuine antique phonograph -- NOT one of the crummy fakes flooding the Internet?  And have you wanted a reliable instrument that you can play and not have to worry about getting fixed after you buy it? If yes is the answer, and you also want a reasonable price, then the Standard is for you! Click on the image above to see more pictures, get full details and find out the price.



Feast your eyes on this honey! The melodious BN is an authentic antique talking machine with an eye-catching horn that can be had at a friendly price. It will thrill you with the sounds of the past. Why not brighten your life with this pleasing package? Click the image of the Columbia BN above to see more pictures, get details and price.



Tired of the ordinary? Go CRAZY! Get a beautiful phonograph made by Pathé in France! Pathé instruments are both beautiful and cleverly designed -- they actually found brilliant ways to improve on Edison! This early No. 2, with its eye-popping decorations and sleek French walnut cabinet, is one of the most gorgeous talking machines sold. Find out why this instrument is so perfectly suited to you -- just click on the image of the "No. 2" above, and get details, see more pictures, learn the price.



If you collect antique phonographs and are looking for something truly interesting and unusual, you have found it! Or if you just want a delightful example of the genre, this is it! This enchanting instrument awaits you. Just click the image of the Pathephone Elf above and see more pictures, get all the facts and find out the price.

From February 2018, we share this email from FB in Australia:

Hi Tim. ...It truly is a beautiful little machine and it is suited to my collection perfectly. I continue to believe you supply the best quality in talking machines in the world, without a doubt. In many instances with some of the unique machines that you turn up it’s well worth the... shipping costs and foreign exchange costs because authenticity is absolutely everything which only you seem to provide. Thanks Tim for another wonderful machine.

From April 2016, we share this note from our client R.S. in TN:

Hi Tim, packages arrived yesterday... First off, when I unpacked the cabinet, my eyes almost popped out of my head: the photos on your website do not even remotely do justice to the restoration. I own many fine antiques and know what I'm looking at, and it is some of the finest woodwork restoration that I have ever seen. 

I first played one of the 78's you sent with a loud tone needle and the first thing I noticed was--it's loud! I was also surprised by the fidelity; I was expecting a lot more distortion, but the sound is remarkably clean. Having established that I could spin a record on this machine without ruining either the record or the machine itself, I then put on my one truly valuable acoustic 78: Enrico Caruso singing "O sole mio." His distinctive clarion sound filled the room as if he had been there in person.

Thanks for this truly magnificent wayback machine. It both looks and sounds wonderful. 



The instruments we sell are NON-ELECTRIC and play "78 rpm" records. These records were made between 1900 and 1960 and represent a WIDE range of music, primarily popular hits, but also blues, jazz, classical, Operatic may be found. "78s" were pressed from SHELLAC.

"33"s (actually 33 1/3 rpm records) arrived MUCH later and they play on more modern electric Hi Fi or Stereo sets. "33"s are pressed from vinyl. No antique phonograph is can play a "33."

"45"s were introduced about the same time as "33"s, and they also play on electric Stereo sets. "45"s are pressed from vinyl.

More unsolicited comments:  

"Hi Tim, I've been remiss in waiting so long to update you on the machines... They arrived in excellent condition, and assembly was a breeze!... Anyway, my first opportunity to truly enjoy our old 78s was while entertaining friends over dinner last weekend - very appropriately, they were a professor of music and his wife stopping over Singapore on their way home to Melbourne, Australia from celebrating their anniversary in Paris, both about our age; also our kids and their piano teacher. I put on the first record before they arrived to savour a private moment of being transported into my past by the familiar "snap-crackle-pop" of needle on disc. During the evening,  we enjoyed together as much the ritual of playing records as the music from a bygone era - Victor Silvester and his orchestra - and I could see the thrill especially in our children's eyes!... [Your] books I have placed in my study, with one on my desk for reading in-between work. I keep visiting your website to see what you have on offer (and to regret some of the lovely machines I missed)."  I.B., Singapore

"Mr Fabrizio: I received the little Amberola today. I can truthfully say that I have never seen an antique phonograph as mint as this one. It plays great , and the wood grain is beautiful. I have never seen a packaging job this good too! Opening it was like conducting an archaeological dig. Thanks again!"  C.W., AL

"Tim, I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am to have purchased the Edison player from you. It's a beautiful machine. It's everything you said it was. The sound is incredible. I wake up in the morning and put a cylinder on and enjoy. Thank you so much for all your help. I look forward to making another purchase from you in the near future." G.C., MD

Hi, Tim!
I bought a Victor victrola from you on wednesday and it is standing now in all its glory in my living room! My husband, Adam, loved it!!! Thank you sooo much for shipping it right away!! The sound is unbelievable, it literally takes you to another time dimension and it makes everything seem beautifully poetic! Thanks again for being so helpful and taking so much time to help me find the perfect gift! Hope to buy again from your store soon!  M.V., NJ

  How our clients feel:   

The Victor MS with spear tip horn arrived early Christmas eve, and I couldn’t be happier.  Of course I had to open it early;  Your machines are always packed with as much care as an Egyptian pharos mummy, and unwrapping it takes an afternoon in itself.  Just cutting into the box, and then getting that first whiff of furniture polish and machine oil brought a tear to my eye and had me shaking with anticipation. After assembly I could only stand back and marvel at just how beautiful it is.  A true work of art, it makes my Victor VI look anemic.  The way your artisans matched  the new finish on the case with the old on the horn is nothing short of genius.  And it sounds just as sweet as it is aesthetic. Many thanks for another fabulous machine, and my best to you this new year,   -- J.H., OR

Got it today... WHAT a nice Machine! I'm very happy. It was worth every dime and then some. It's a great restoration. I restore classic German cars for a living and I can certainly appreciate the workmanship. Even my WIFE thinks it's cute... and that, my friend, is saying something. -- G.S.,  OR

My Edison GEM cylinder phonograph arrived today as promised, and I just could not be any happier. Your packing was perfect, and the GEM plays like, well, a gem! I'm so glad I decided to purchase from you instead of taking my chances on eBay. The restoration work you did was astonishing, and was obviously performed with care and respect. The player is mechanically perfect and retains all of the charm that it has earned over its 98 year lifetime. Honestly, this is one of my best purchases ever!  -- G.N.,  TN

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my Victor. A short while ago a neighbor stopped by and the first thing noticed was the Victor. As described, it's a big and imposing machine which never fails to bring a smile to all who have heard and seen it. Great job on the machine and to be frank, I have never seen anything shipped with such care.


"Ok - you're right - I don't need a new needle... I was about to send it in to another company for something that wasn't even wrong!  You're the only one that challenged whether or not I needed that piece!  Thank you." - J. H.

"I got the machine today in wonderful shape. It's really beautiful. It was delivered to my office, where I set it up and put a record on it - Elvis "That's All Right" 1955. I didn't realize how loud it would be. In about 20 seconds there was a dance party in the hallway. We followed that with the flip side - "Blue Moon of Kentucky" (original version, of course!) We made it through a Billie Holiday and a Tex Ritter before my secretary put a stop to our fun." - R.C.

"Thank you for the info and advice. You could have snowed me into buying a replacement, instead, you told me the truth. It is much appreciated." -J.