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This stunning instrument literally glows. It is crisp, and clean, and clear, and classy. Dazzling, delightful, bewitching, ravishing! We call your attention to the mahogany horn. This special horn was designed specifically for the Victor IV, and it's a knock-out! The grain of the wood is stunning. We have meticulously restored the horn to its original glory.

The original factory horn decal on the mahogany horn.

The condition of this instrument is truly remarkable. Please note how shiny the nickel-plated hardware is. Even the winding crank, a component that is frequently handled, and therefore can expected to show wear or corrosion, is virtually perfect. The bracket, sporting original  blue and gold filigree, is in an outstanding state of preservation. The tapered tone arm is flawless. Of course, we restored the soundbox to produce sweet, loud and clear music. Why do the talking machines of other dealers sound so tinny and shrill? Because they do not have the expertise or the inclination to  adjust the soundbox correctly. At phonophan, 48 years of experience goes into every instrument.

A closer look at the bracket indicates just how beautiful it is.

The IV (4) was the only other full-sized mahogany talking machine made by Victor besides the princely-expensive model VI (6). The IV (4) cost more at the time than the oak models below it in stature, and therefore it sold in lesser quantities. The curvaceous styling of the IV was unique within the Victor roster. Note the "His Master's Voice" ID plate. The cabinet finish is original and still smooth and clear. We have painstakingly cleaned everything. The nickel-plated components are all mind-bogglingly well preserved.

The motor is strong, reliable and the power of its double-spring will play any record.  What's the difference between what you buy from us and what you buy on eBay? EVERYTHING! On eBay you get patched-up junk that is grossly misrepresented. You shouldn't believe a word of what you read there. Phonophan gives you the highest quality instruments and restorations, all work done under the personal supervision of Tim Fabrizio, who has a degree in Fine Arts, has devoted his life to painstaking  restoration work, and has written eight books on the subject of antique phonographs. 

Inside the cabinet, this original motor schematic. Please note that even the interior of the cabinet is remarkably clean, despite more than a century of proximity to the oily motor.

Under the cabinet this patent notice with the serial number of the machine penciled in, as was the Victor custom.

Most Victor talking machines were constructed of oak. Reasonably few were mahogany because mahogany was more expensive. This makes the Victor IV a rarity, and the look of it is undeniably alluring. If you want to experience what a Victor Talking Machine was like when it was new -- get this one! This incredibly pristine, excellent playing, sleekly beautiful Victor is a delight to the eyes AND ears!

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