This Gem Phonograph is your gateway to the pleasures of the past. Want to know what it was like to feel the direct and unalloyed excitement of a mechanical instrument that talked and sang? HERE IT IS! Click the image of the Gem above and see more pictures, get details and price.

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The "Gem" was Edison's most diminutive model, and everything about it is a delight! Start with the oak cabinet with original banner decal.  It's compact, doesn't take up much room --perfect for today's life style -- irony intended!

Under the sweet-looking cover is the machine itself -- unpretentious? Yes! But also endearingly simple. Original black enamel and gold decoration.

In 1907 Edison introduced a series of polygonal "flower" horns matched to each model in his roster. This original Gem flower horn with original paint and decals was available as an upgrade to Gems that had previously been equipped with rather small horns. The size of this horn assures loud and clear reproduction, despite the fact that it fits coziliy into a compact space.

Original decal on the horn.  NO DENTS, CREASES OR DINGS!

Original patent notice on the horn.

The beauty, the mystery, the intrigue of the Gem is that it is so early, so basic, so accessable.  You wind it counter-clockwise using the original winding key, you hear the quaint spring motor chugging, you engage a 2-minute cylinder record and the sound knocks you off your feet! If that doesn't win your heart, what could?  Please notice how clean and spotless it is -- we put hours of work into making sure everything is spic-and-span.

The Edison Gem is flat-out enchanting.  It is the DIRECT way to understand how entertauinment was made before tubes, transistors and computer chips.  Nothing stands between you and the ancient mechanics.  You time-travel to the cheerful past.

Gem with ORIGINAL black flower horn, equipped with Model C reproducer, plays 2-minute records one record per complete winding, including TWO records, $850., plus shipping and handling. (NY State residents must pay sales tax, if applicable.)


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