The shift from the earlier"front-mounted" horn arrangement to "back-mounted" (where the horn is located over the top of the machine) gathered momentum in 1907. Columbia introduced the first version of a model that was to endure (with various changes) in the Disc Graphophone line-up for 10 years -- the Type BN.

The luscious oak of the cabinet, the quaint beading, and especially the red turntable felt (the ONLY correct instance in which it was originally used) lend the first version of the BN great distinction. The decal is a spot-on, perfect, historically precise replica. A dear friend hand-makes them. The very antithesis of the kind of inaccurate junk that was available 20 or 30 years ago.

Shiny, clean, bright, scrupulously regulated and adjusted. Why buy a wreck on eBay that some home-handyman has mutilated? Our meticulously restored machine looks great -- PLAYS great!

The motor -- we took it down to its smallest individual components, cleaned, adjusted. installed a new and strong mainspring. Compare this to other sellers who couldn't figure out how to pour water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel. We have 46 years of experience and expertise.

A stunning machine. Our translucent crimson finish on the horn glimmers and glows. Hand-painted roses -- gorgeous! 

Price: $1550.00 US, plus s/h (NY State residents must add tax if applicable.).

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