The Zonophone held an important place in the history of recorded sound. It was developed in 1899 as an alternative to Berliner's Gramophone, which until then had held a monopoly in the disc talking machine field. In fact, the smooth-running little spring motor developed by Zonophone was much better than the Berliner motor for which Eldridge R. Johnson has received such fame. With that propitious beginning, the Zonophone continued forward, through the first decade of the 20th century -- and beyond if you include the life of the record label that lasted through the 1960s. The Zonophone "Parlor" offers great quality sound, largely due to the big, beautiful flower horn.  We have meticulously restored the original horn using the exact same artistic motif as original.  The "morning glory" effect of graduated color is something no one else in this field has ever been able to accurately replicate. 

What best characterizes a Zonophone?  Stunning cabinetry, for one thing. The "wedding cake" molding lends elegance and style.

Zonophone employed an extremely clever system for elevating the soundbox (needlehead) off the record called the "Gibson arm"-- the arm snaps into a raised position. This design was unique among talking machines of the period.  And this is also a good time to take note of the exterior of the horn, shimmering and deep as the Caribbean..

We have thorough refurbished the double-spring motor -- two new mainsprings insure plenty of power.  At phonophan 54 years of tireless work in this field mean that our ibstruments are correct.


The Zonophone "Parlor" -- diminutive, delightful, adorable -- a special feast for the eye. Scintillating blue horn.  And it plays loud and clear.

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