This magnificent creature is drop-dead gorgeous!  Called the "Grand Opera," it is both grand and operatic in its majestic stature and fine sound quality.  Zonophone was one of the oldest and most established names in talking machines, pre-dating even Victor! For over a decade, Zonophone was associated with visually arresting designs. No stranger to compelling beauty is this "Grand Opera."  The imposing solid brass flower horn is only one jaw-dropping element.  Solid brass flower horns are well known in this field to be untouchably expensive -- YET. here we offer you the opportunity to own such a treasure for reasonable money!

We approached this instrument as if we were undertaking the restoration of a fine painting.  The front panel has its original decal, and please note the exquisite figures in the quarter-sawn oak of the cabinet.

The more time you spend studying the cabinet, the more impressed you become.  Note the dealer's plate from a music store in Argentina!  Zonophones. made in USA, exported all over the world.

Zonophone employed an extremely clever system for elevating the soundbox (needlehead) off the record called the "Gibson arm"-- the arm snaps into a raised position. This design was unique among talking machines of the period. Note please the cleanliness of the metal parts, with original bracket decoration and gold filigree. In this image you can appreciate how the horn fairly glows with a luminous brilliance.
We have meticulously rebuilt and calibrated the special Zonophone soundbox to produce outstanding "Grand Opera" sound quality.

At the rear of the cabinet is this original company decal.

The spring motor has three main springs -- no wonder this instrument was so expemsive when originally sold -- $55.  That was a significant expense at the time!  At phonophan we go all the way when we perform a restoration.  No short-cuts produces the finest results. Have you been looking for a beautiful talking machine?  Be careful, the Internet is full of misrepresented junk. Our instruments have the backing of our 54 years of experience.

We seldom get a chance to offer an instrument as dazzling and well made as this.  Are you a collector?  A music lover?  Antique fancier? Doesn't matter -- Here's something worth adding to your life!

Price: $2250. plus s/h (NY State residents must add sales tax if applicable).


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