More information about the Victor II

An excellent example of a beautifully restored instrument.  Every component bright and clean and correct.  

Crisp, clean and beautiful!

The oak cabinet with a smooth finish in a vibrant hue.  Perfectly restored using the precise materials originally employed at the Victor factory.  The "back-bracket" support is in original condition.  The soundbox (needlehead) we have meticulously rebuilt and adjusted to produced strong and sweet music.

The sturdy, steady, reliable Victor motor. Spotlessly clean. We have installed a brand new main spring to insure that you have all the power you need to play your 78 rpm records.  Do you need 78 rpm records to play?  NO PROBLEM, we have them, and will gladly include some.

This stunning instrument entertains today as it did a century ago ! This Victor II looks and plays great! What is the difference between what you buy from phonophan and what you buy from eBay? EVERYTHING. We are constantly shocked and bewildered to see the level of outright deceit that passes for "normal" every day on eBay. If you want the TRUTH, call us today!

Price: $1750.00 US, plus shipping and handling. (NY State residents must pay sales tax, if applicable.)


Telephone: 585-244-5546 


               PO Box 747

               Henrietta, NY 14467 USA

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