You see here a lofty font of innovation among the most prestigious of the Edison Phonographs -- the formidable and exclusive Triumph Model B, that only the wealthy could afford at the time, surmounted by a Music Master oak wooden Cygnet horn, and equipped with a repeating attachment and large-diameter reproducer (see choices below), considered one of the finest reproducing instruments that Edison ever made. 

Original fdactory grain-painting on the horn elbow.

Perfect condition decals on the original-finish horn.

Every single centimeter of this spectacular instrument has been scrupulously regulated and calibrated.  As for the mechanical works -- original paint and gilt decoration, clean and bright. Everything is spic-and-span. The instrument is shown here equipped with the highly-prized Model "O" reproducer, capable of playing both 2 and 4 minute records. Further examination of this rare reproducer is merited here.

The rarest and most elusive of all Edison reproducers is the "solid metal" Model O.  "Solid metal" refers to the fact that nearly all Model Os were produced with die-cast (molded) bodies.  Although this was an innovation at the time, what the company did not forsee was that the die-castings would deteriorate with age.  Therefore the solid brass and steel Model O is the most sought-after and impossible to find. It plays superbly.  Furthermore, look down along the straight-edge that the reproducer carriage rides upon.  At the leftmost end you will see a thin black inset.  This is rubber, intended to cushion the carriage as it descends after completing the cycle of the built-in repeater.  This detail tells us that the repeater was installed at the Edison factory, not added later by a collector.

The repeater plays the record again.  It's an incredle bit of ancient engineering and a blast to observe!

This Model B was sold as a 2-minute machine circa 1906.  It was then "Amberolized" by an owner with plenty of money to spend, sent back to the factory for the installation of a 4 minute attachment to play the new "Amberol" records, and the addition of the repeater.  Finally, circa 1910, an oak Cygnet horn was added, completing the journey to the highest heights. Here we see the lever used to switch between 2 and 4 minute gearing.

Showing the orginal finish and decal on the bottom cabinet.

Inside the lid are the original wooden forms used to protect the mechanism during shipping.

MAJESTIC! One of the most advanced and improved genuine external horn Edison Phonographs.  In fact the ability to play either 2 or 4 minute records (or BOTH!) is integral to the Triumph Model B. This gives the buyer the greatest latitude to enjoy whatever music they choose -- the earlier 2-minute (in duration) "wax" cylinders, or the later 4-minute celluloid cylinders, which a literally indestructible. The Triumph is driven by a triple-spring motor of great power. The mechanism is spotless, and as perfect as the day it left Orange, NJ.

Price: $4250.00 US, with Diamond "B" reproducer (genuine diamond stylus) equipped for 4-minute operation ONLY, with two Blue Amberol records, plus shipping and handling. (NY State residents must pay sales tax, if applicable.)

Price: $4450.00 US, with rare Model "O" reproducer (play 2 AND 4-minute) equipped to play any cylinder record, with FOUR records, plus shipping and handling. (NY State residents must pay sales tax, if applicable.)

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