The Pathé company was a French firm that sold its wares around the world. They started out in cylinder phonographs in the 1890s, later expanded to disc machines in 1906. Pathé employed a slightly different system of recording known as the "vertical cut" system. As it turns out, vertical cut 78s are incredibly well-recorded and actually sound better to many ears than "regular" 78s. This instrument is in fine condition, including original cabinet finish and decal. The ebony-black horn is original and in original condition, with the paint and gold stripes still excellent, some small dings and dents commensurate with its age.

Luxurious French walnut cabinet. The decal on the front of the cabinet depicts a muscular gentleman about to toss a discus -- wait, that's a Pathé disc RECORD! Instead of using frequently replaced steel needles, Pathé employed a PERMANENT JEWEL stylus that never needs replacing -- years ahead of its time!

The "modesty" banner across the middle of this fellow (who clearly frequents the gym!) reads, "Pathé discs play without [steel] needles."  This innovation was truly remarkable -- you really must hear it play vertical cut records to appreciate the improvement in sound quality!

The speed control and winding handle escutcheons are even stylish.

Serial number 4024.

The gentle curve of the back-bracket gives the machine an air of charm.  The soundbox/arm assembly on a Pathéphone is infinitely more complex than the equivalent components of a Victor or Columbia. The sound which is produced is truly extraordinary. Pathé discs have a "real," an organic, quality that can only be achieved through the vertical-cut record process, with a permanent sapphire stylus. Because Pathé 78s differ from those of Victor, Columbia and other manufacturers, we are giving 4 vertical-cut discs with the machine (and we have more available for sale). We have more if you need them. Pathé discs are not rare. They (and other "vertical" brands) were produced in the USA for many years.

Here is the spring-driven motor.  It plays smoothly and quietly.  We installed a brand new mainspring -- this is one of the many ways phonophan differs from other sellers -- our motors are fully and correctly restored.  Pathé discs came in a wide variety of sizes.  Our No. 2  Pathéphone was designed to play 10" diameter records, one record per winding.

Here you see how the genuine permanent sapphire of the special Pathé reproducer alligns to the record. A length of rubber tubing in line with the tone arm uniquely cushions the contact with the record, supplying the compliance that is mechanically necessary to provide the best qualty sound.  Way ahead of its time.

Walnut, original horn with original paint. Spring motor with new spring installed, suitable for playing 10" Pathé (or other "vertical") disc records. Do not mistake this exotic instrument for any ordinary talking machine. It is a delightful departure from the ordinary-- a truly extraordinary contrivance that represents charming originality and ingenuity!

Price: $1350.00, including 4 Pathé or Rex "vertical cut" 78s, and we have more for sale if you need them. plus s/h (NY State residents must add tax).


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