Columbia Disc Graphophone, Type AH

In 1906, Columbia showed the world that its products were not only sturdy and reliable, but classically beautiful.  Note the curvaceous, pillared oak cabinet, and the decorative support arms, proudly declaring the Columbia name.  It's important to point out that this instrument has all its original components -- over the years the arms were often lost or misplaced from similar models.  Consequently, modern replicas of the arms, and also the brass horn elbow and other compoments, were produced.  Our machine, however. has no replica components.

The original factory Graphophone banner decal is bright and cheerful.

A convient carrying handle was provided -- in the "oxidized bronze" finish popular at the time.

Another factory original decal -- the "balloon" decal boasting about winning the Grand Prize.

The ornate aluminum arms -- aluminum was a "wonder metal" just coming into use at the time.  Columbia was always on the cutting edge of innovation.

The Columbia "Analyzing" soundbox yields a big, bright sound.  The arrangement of the horn, and its direct connection to the soundbox gives amazing sound quality and volume.

The spotlessly clean motor, with two new mainsprings to provide maximum power.  What do we give you at phonophan that other sellers don't?  For one thing, we replace the mainsprimgs when necessary.  It has often been noted by other sellers that they remove mainsprings, clean them and put them back in the motor.  This is nothing short of absurd if the springs are weak.  Think of it this way --- would you pay a mechanic to remove the worn brake shoes on your car, only to clean them and put them back on?  Of course not!  If parts are worn, they need replacing.  At phonophan we know more than the other guys, and our instruments show it!

The Disc Graphophone, Type AH is like a time machine, and its ready to take you time traveling!  It's beautiful, with original components, and functions like new due to our 54 years of experience and expertise!

Price: $1450.00 US , plus s/h. (NY State residents must add tax where applicable.)


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               Henrietta, NY 14467 USA

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