What makes this wonderful talking machine so appealing?! The Columbia Disc Graphophone Type "BI" (or "Sterling") became the model that virtually defined the distinctive artistic style of the company. Rich, warm oak and cool, elegant nickel plating. The solid-brass, nickel-plated flower horn has its original plating which we have polished to a delightful luster.

Original factory finish and decals on the stunning oak cabinet. This more-than-a-century-old finish has been scrupulously cleaned of all diurt, grease and grime.

The charming original Columbia banner.

Original "oxidized bronze" carrying handle.

The horn/arm components gleam. You can see how Columbia selected the nickname "Sterling" for this instrument-  the appearance of the nickel plating is not unlike lustrous silver.  We've made all the careful adjustments -- the soundbox has been scrupulously restored and calibrated, with new rubber gaskets. One of the foremost blunders that amateur sellers make is in their inability to properly tune a soundbox. After 50 years, WE know what we're doing -- and the sound quality is excellent! 

The motor is a double-spring powerhouse to play your 78 rpm records. Compare our clean and precisely adjusted motor to the junk you find elsewhere on the Web-- our competitors' motors, with broken springs held together by baling wire, bearings and shafts trashed by clumsy home-made repairs, giant drywall screws protruding obtrusively, quite a mess! From us, you get just the opposite!

This device is a volume control. You screw it in to dampen the sound. Nowadays, we have available needles in all tone gradations, loud, medium and soft.

This is a beautiful and a great-playing instrument. Every day of the week we FIX the mistakes of other people. Most dealers lack the skills or even the desire to adjust these machines properly. At phonophan we understand these machines inside and out! What you buy from us is far and away the finest quality -- no mis-matched parts, no home handyman repairs. Only the finest work, which is based on 50 years in this field.

The Columbia BI Disc Graphophone -- classic good looks, superb playing quality, a must for those who want to enjoy both the visual and the auditory pleasures of a true antique phonograph. 

Price: $1850.00 US, plus s/h. (NY State residents must add sales tax if applicable)


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