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phonophan is the Web site of noted recorded sound historian and much-published author Tim Fabrizio, dedicated to preserving, understanding and purveying antique phonographs, talking machines, gramophones, Victrolas, graphophones, and related items such as Edison, Victor, Columbia, Zonophone, Berliner, Brunswick, RCA, Talkophone, collectible records, cylinders and 78s, needle tins, Edison memorabilia, "His Master's Voice" Nipper the dog, and morning glory horns.


This site was established in February, 1997

Revised 02-07-16  

(Yes, our Web site is actually older than Google! )


Historian Tim Fabrizio appeared in a segment of the PBS TV show "History Detectives" devoted to the Psycho-Phone, an antique talking machine with an intriguing secret! Now that the secret has been revealed, if you'd like to read more about the fascinating Psycho-Phone, just CLICK HERE!

Or watch the show on your computer by going to:


Happy Birthday to us

Is a hackneyed refrain.

We finish one year

And begin one again.

But we never would guess,

Had we powers of a seer,

That our Web site would enter

It's TWENTIETH year!

Think back to those days

Before Google was hatched

And join us to savor

A joy that's unmatched.









"phonophan" is changing -- Tim has embarked upon semi-retirement.

You will still be able to visit phonophan for beautifully restored antique phonographs and information, so be sure to check often to see what's new.

From a recent customer: 

"Hello Tim, Well, you've done it again! My 'new' Victrola VIII showed up right on time, meticulously packed and looking exactly like the photographs on your website. I couldn't wait to get it set up, 'cranking' out the tunes. Frankly I was amazed at the sound quality! For years I've been playing 78's on a modern turntable and sound system (which sounds great, of course) but my memory had mislaid the captivating vintage sounds that a newly refurbished reproducer and new needles can make. Modern digital recordings are technically perfect of course, but they can't match listening to the old music, heard through the veil of surface noise, bringing alive the artists and music of a bye-gone age. It's like pulling back the curtain and walking down into the parlor once more. You can look at an old photograph of someone, but if you can hear their voice, they're alive again."  M.H., WA



"WE LOVE THE VICTROLA!!!  It showed up on one of the coldest November days in Minnesota.  My 2 girls danced around while I played the 78s that came with it.  Now every time we get it going my 1 year old runs up to me with her arms up to dance with papa.  Thank you so much for having such great products and customer service."  -- Daniel M.


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